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QP Live: The government can't find an easy win

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

None of the government’s objectives is without its haters. The Tories are expected to approve the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline before tomorrow’s end, a decision that would infuriate the opposition New Democrats, determined environmentalists, and myriad aboriginal groups. Northern Gateway has its supporters, including an influential cadre of business leaders, but the government is bound to lose some sleep as the pipeline plan moves forward.

The Tories can’t even get away with a court appointment in Quebec. Rocco Galati, a Toronto lawyer who watches the government’s every appointment to the bench, is challenging the eligibility of the Quebec Court of Appeal’s newest appointee. Galati claims Robert Mainville, a judge on the Federal Court, isn’t eligible for the position because he hasn’t been a member of the Quebec bar for five years. The Constitution dictates that appointees must be members of the bar. Galati told the CBC that his challenge is “nothing personal.” Nevertheless, he’s opening his wallet to take the decision to court. “Here I go again. Digging into the line of credit.”

Just another couple of headaches for a Tory government that’s spent the spring fighting for every inch.

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