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Welcome back, Harry Neufeld!

The skeptic of government reform airs his grievances

Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

This morning, Harry Neufeld made some noise at a parliamentary committee. Neufeld, a former chief electoral officer in British Columbia who penned a report on voter fraud for Elections Canada, is among the esteemed critics of the government’s proposed electoral reform. He says the government ought to amend its bill. He says the government should’t get rid of vouching as a means of voter registration.

Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre will disagree with Neufeld, as he already has with some persistence, and point to elements of Neufeld’s report that cast doubt on vouching. Neufeld will say Poilievre’s reading of the report is unfair. And so it goes, and goes, until the government bill becomes law. Unless, somehow, Poilievre and his gang have a change of heart. But who could change their minds? Anybody?

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will be on his feet a lot. What, you don’t think so? He’ll defend his proposed electoral reform, as ever.

In the news

Tony Clement may look to the senior public service for further cost savings. Jason Kenney defends Kijiji job data.

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