Timeline of shootings that rocked Copenhagen

Two people were killed and five police officers wounded before the suspected gunman was shot and killed by police

Copenhagen shooting

COPENHAGEN — Here is a timeline of events in the shootings that rocked Copenhagen this weekend. Two people were killed and five police officers wounded before the suspected gunman was shot and killed by police early Sunday.

3:33 p.m. Saturday

A gunman opens fire with an automatic weapon against a cultural centre hosting a free speech debate. A Swedish artist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad and the French ambassador are among participants. They are unhurt but Danish film director Finn Noergaard, 55, is shot and killed. Three police officers, two of them from Denmark’s domestic intelligence service PET, are wounded. Police say the gunman carjacks a Volkswagen Polo which he abandons a few kilometres (miles) from the scene. He then calls a taxi.

After 4:15 p.m. Saturday

Gunman is dropped off at an address near the Noerrebro train station just outside the city centre. Police say surveillance camera footage shows he stays inside the building for about 20 minutes before stepping out. His whereabouts for the next few hours are unclear.

12:55 a.m. Sunday

Police say the suspect walks up to two police officers standing guard outside a synagogue in downtown Copenhagen. He opens fire, wounding both in arms and legs. Dan Uzan, 37, a security guard for the Jewish community is fatally shot in the head. Police flood the city centre hunting for the gunman, who flees on foot.

04:50 a.m. Sunday

Gunman returns to the address in the Noerrebro district where a SWAT team is waiting. Police say he is armed with handguns and opens fire at the officers when they shout at him. The SWAT team returns fire and kills the suspect. No officers are hurt.

8 a.m. Sunday

Police announce at a news conference that the man killed by police in Noerrebro likely carried out both shootings, at the free speech event and the synagogue. They later say they’ve established his identity but don’t release his name. PET says he was known to the agency before the attacks but doesn’t give details.

Around 4 p.m. Sunday

At least two people with handcuffs were taken out by police from an Internet cafe in Copenhagen, Danish media reported. Police spokesman Steen Hansen said “the action was part of the police investigation” but declined to give further details.

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