8 top-selling animal artists

How about some fine art from Congo the chimpanzee?
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Newspix / Rex Features (1581476c) Clawed Monet Makes an Impression Meet the Meow-angelos of the animal world. Once on skid row, these playful felines are now in a loving home, all paid for with paintings that would make Picatso proud. Louise Clayton and daughter Tegan Ellis, 21, from Wagga Wagga, allow their cats to express themselves with paint, creating Rescue Cat Art to help pay vet bills for the many animals they have saved. They have already rescued 12 cats, three dogs and seven birds. ’When we see advertised free to good home cats and kittens we pick them up. We intend on finding them homes but we end up keeping them,’ Ms Ellis said. With the help of the kittens, they have created six Rescue Cat Art works since coming up with the idea last Wednesday. For more information visit

Here’s how much these works by animals have fetched:

1. Congo the chimpanzee, London ($26,352)

2. Ruby the elephant, Phoenix ($25,000)

3. The orangutans of Krefeld Zoo Krefeld, Germany ($4,100)

4. Metro the painting horse, Rocky Ridge, Md. ($2,000)

5. Mini the kitten, New Zealand ($1,000)

6. Arbor the dog, Las Vegas ($440)

7. Big Cats of Tampa, Tampa, Fla. ($400)

8. Pockets Warhol the monkey, Sunderland, Ont. ($370)