Canadian neighbours spreading positivity and thanks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Colourful drawings, messages of solidarity and thanks dot neighbourhoods across the country during a time of shared anxiety and fear

City activity has ground to a halt as people stay at home in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading and overloading the country’s health care systems. The only way many are getting out of the house these days is by taking walks. While stopping to chat and share words of support with neighbours is not recommended, people are finding new ways to spread positivity, namely by leaving banners in front of hospitals, drawings in windows and chalk messages on the sidewalk, to be admired by frontline health care workers and others on their daily fresh-air jaunts. Here’s a collection of these colourful and positive displays on social media across Canada:

Neighbours in Fall River, N.S., where the province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang lives, have left encouraging messages of thanks to the health official they’re turning to for updates during the pandemic.

A YouTuber in Quebec ‘reviews’ rainbow drawings that have popped up in his neighbourhood—all in good fun, of course.

A Calgary neighbourhood brought the zoo to their front porches for children out on their walks.

And on a bigger scale…