How to plan your honeymoon

No-Grief Honeymoon Planning

Planning a wedding can be a serious test of even the strongest relationship, but if you make it through that stress-fest, organizing a honeymoon should be much easier. Most travel experts agree that no matter what the budget, a honeymoon is one trip that shouldn’t be left to chance.

With that in mind, the American Society of Travel Agents offers a series of tips on honeymoon planning. It starts with finding a good travel agent. If you don’t have one, look for either a honeymoon specialist or an agent who specializes in your desired travel style or destination of choice. Here in Canada, the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies offers a database you can search by specialty, destination and location. (Look for the Weddings/Honeymoon tab in the drop-down menu.)

“Working with a travel consultant who specializes in honeymoons gives a couple much-needed breathing room when it comes to planning their wedding and everything it entails,” said ASTA President and Chair Chris Russo.

Here are some travel agent honeymoon top tips:

  • Do It Together: There’s always compromise in marriage, so get off on the right foot by making honeymoon decisions together. If one partner is less interested in the process, it’s important that they at least give input about their desires so the result is a trip attractive to both parties.
  • Narrow The Field: What does your honeymoon mean to you? Is it a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? A fly-and-flop after the wedding whirlwind? A family-blending experience? The answers to these questions will help you cut through the vast number of travel choices.
  • What’s Your Pleasure? Agents say many couples try to pick a destination first, but they recommend selecting the type of trip you want before choosing the setting. Popular choices include cruising and all-inclusive resorts, but you’ll also find honeymooning couples on European coach tours, African safaris and bespoke trips tailored to shared passions like art, culture, music and sport.
  • Your Time: If the wedding was exhausting, make sure the honeymoon comes with generous amounts of free time. You can always fill your schedule once you’re there, but it can feel less rushed if you leave lots of room to enjoy each other’s company before heading back to the realities of daily life.
  • Know Your Budget: For many, a honeymoon is a time to splurge a little. Others are saving for a home or other priority and seeking something more modest. There’s something for just about everybody, but if you know what you’ve got it’s much easier to figure out what you can get for it.
  • Get A Room: Agents say cutting corners on accommodations is a poor choice for most honeymooners. Splurging on a room with a Jacuzzi tub or a cruise ship cabin with a balcony can significantly improve the ambience. Honeymoon specialists have lots of knowledge on popular choices, and review sites are also a good source of firsthand information.
  • Fair Maiden: Brides taking on their husband’s surname should take into account that there often isn’t enough time to change the name on documents like passports and driver’s licences, so it’s best to use the maiden name for booking. Let them talk.

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