Let's rank Canada's peskiest urban animal

Super-intelligent garbage bandits? Pet-eating canines? Use the Maclean's Ranking tool to choose Canada's most meddlesome urban wildlife.

A Torontonian wakes up to find three raccoons having a snack in her kitchen. A city is transfixed by a bear that wandered into a downtown market. Small town mayors struggle with how to tackle the rising number of urban deer. And pet owners and parents contemplate a growing population of coyotes. This is Canada’s not always happy relationship with its urban wildlife population.

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From bird-feeder robbing squirrels to garden-eating deer, the animals we often admire from afar also have a way of getting on nerves when they take up as neighbours. So we ask: What is the animal that most drives Canadians nuts? Use the drag-and-drop tool below to make your list. Scroll for more options! Each submission will contribute to our user-generated consensus ranking.

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