5 Canadians other Canadians would most want at their Canada Day BBQs

Which songstress beats Bieber? And which iconic Canadian claims top spot?
#28. out of 30, Justin Bieber (Shutterstock)

Polling firm Ipsos Reid gave people the names of 30 famous Canadians and asked them to rank the five they’d most want to invite to their backyard barbecues.

Here are the top five (with the percentage of those polled who would want each famous Canadian in attendance):

1. Terry Fox (38%)

2. Wayne Gretzky (36%)

3. Céline Dion (33%)

4. David Suzuki (30%)

5. Mike Myers (30%)


Here are the six Canadians least likely to get an invitation:

30. Conrad Black (3%)

29. K’naan (3%)

28. Justin Bieber (4%)

27. Nellie McClung (5%)

26. Roberta Bondar (7%)

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