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#TorontoStrong unites Canada in the wake of the Toronto van attack

Toronto sign and CN Tower go dark honouring victims of the deadly attack on Monday.
CN Tower

The entire country has been reeling from the deadly attack which took the life of 10 people yesterday and injured at least 16 others. As Toronto police piece together why the alleged van driver killed so many innocent people on Monday and as more of the victims’ lives become shared with the public, Canadians have been posting tributes throughout the city and online.

The CN Tower went dark as well as Toronto sign, which is typically a various collection of colours, went dark to honour the victims of the attack Monday night.

Many have taken to social media and have been using the hashtag #TorontoStrong, with people showing the various acts of kindness following the attack. People snapped pictures of the vigils and makeshift memorials as well.

A massive group of Muslim believers gathered at the site of the crash to offer their support.

Before the puck dropped for Game six of the playoff series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins, the Maple Leafs paid tribute to the victims by holding a moment of silence, Monday night. The attack didn’t seem to deter the flocks of fans looking to see the decisive game.

Other tributes flooded from T.O sports franchises.