How TELUS Online Security Helps Protect Our Digital Lives

Enhanced Connectivity Requires Advanced Security

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In the same way we lock our front doors and wouldn’t consider driving our car without car insurance, it is imperative that we treat our most valuable possession—our identity—with that same care and attention. Canada ranks third globally in the highest ratio of data theft per person¹, and with more than three-quarters of Canadians having reported increased use of online services throughout the pandemic², the need for cybersecurity is now more apparent than ever. The question is—how? Enter TELUS Online Security Powered by NortonLifeLock™. Whether you’re remote-learning, gearing up for tax season, or shopping online, implementing this all-in-one protection helps make your time online safer.

Designed to simplify what may seem like a daunting task, TELUS Online Security is part of the company’s “responsibility to help Canadians stay safe,” says Zainul Mawji, President of Home Solutions at TELUS. Adding that “it’s about providing access to powerful tools that will help protect them from online threats.”³ With only 18 per cent of Canadians currently using tools to secure their identity and information online², and less than half using anti-malware software⁴, accessibility is key.

As the rate of students remote-learning increases, parents want to rest assured that their children are protected while attending class from home. TELUS Online Security’s secure virtual private network (VPN) offers just that. When homework submissions or video calls are taking place over Wi-Fi, a secure connection that protects your privacy is all the more important. An impressive feature also available is Dark Web Monitoring, which continuously searches the dark web for your information and notifies you if it’s found. It then helps you take action to protect your personal and financial information. If you do become a victim of identity theft, a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist would be assigned to your case and help you every step of the way. If this sounds incredibly thorough, that’s because it is.

Canadians are turning to their digital tools amidst the pandemic in unique ways, and their online security needs to reflect that. For some, this might mean protection for a network of devices; for others, it starts and ends with their personal computer. To accommodate this, TELUS Online Security offers Canada’s most comprehensive, all-in-one protection⁵. Additionally, there are three plan options to ensure customers choose a solution that best suits their needs. The Standard, Complete and Ultimate plans each work to protect against threats to your devices, online privacy and identity. It all boils down to accessibility, with all-in-one plans starting as low as $10/month.

As always, users should be cautious with their Internet routines and take the necessary steps to be less vulnerable while online. This could be as simple as avoiding suspicious links or emails with attachments, browsing the web privately by using a virtual private network (VPN), choosing unique passwords for accounts or regularly monitoring your credit report for unusual activity. Everything we engage with online collects small pieces of our information, including our favourite apps, websites and even loyalty programs. Collectively, this can leave users at risk. So, updating your software early and often is another essential step in keeping your security up-to-date and minimizing risk.

Recovering from identity theft or an online security breach can pose quite a challenge. Ultimately, making our digital lives safer means approaching cybersecurity proactively. For the 42 per cent of Canadians who have experienced at least one type of cybersecurity incident since the pandemic began⁴, online security protection could have made all the difference. We’re lucky to have the technology today that allows us to keep up with finances, loved ones and even our healthcare online. Though cyber-threats may seem scary, and should certainly be taken seriously, utilizing tools like TELUS Online Security makes our time online safer and more empowering than ever.

Visit telus.com/onlinesecurity to learn more.

No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.
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⁵ Applies to Standard plans and above.


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