Porsche Drive Speaks to an App-Based Generation

We’ve encountered an automobile market where subscription culture reigns
Joseph Cicerone

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Embraced by consumers who’ve grown accustomed to its efficiency and affordability, subscription culture has dominated a growing number of markets. While subscription services are not new, they are evolving alongside mobility and becoming one of the fastest growing consumer trends. Influenced by the age of music streaming and meal-kit delivery services, the automobile industry has encountered an app-based generation of drivers more inclined to lease, rent or subscribe, rather than buy. Answering this unique market is Porsche—granting Canadian consumers access to a flexible rental and monthly subscription service through it’s app Porsche Drive

Now available in Toronto, with Montreal and Vancouver coming in Spring, 2021—Porsche Drive is reaching a more expansive range of drivers, attracted to the program’s conveniently short-commitment and more accessible price-point. It’s ultimately introducing a new way for consumers to access their dream cars. 

Where the big-ticket purchase of ownership may raise some hesitation to buy, Porsche Drive’s single and multi-vehicle subscription option puts the keys to a Porsche in your hand for a flexible rate. Starting at $2,500/month, subscribers can access a fleet of vehicles with insurance coverage and maintenance included. President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada, Marc Ouayoun, calls the program “a part of Porsche’s global strategy to continuously adapt while always remaining customer-centric.” Adding that “with evolutions and advancements in technology, the inclusion of a single and multi-vehicle subscription offers valued flexibility.” 

With constant innovation in the automotive industry, buyers often have wandering eyes for new models with new features before their purchased vehicle even loses its new car smell. Members of Porsche Drive’s subscription service can move freely between a fleet of vehicles at a short-term commitment of one or three months, keeping drivers up-to-date and always accommodated. Impress your date with a 911 or visit the family cottage for the weekend in a Cayenne, whatever suits your current needs, it starts with the touch of a button. 

For those looking for a shorter commitment, daily or weekly rental services are also available directly from the Porsche Drive app, allowing members to skip the paperwork and replace it with their smartphone. Following the scheduled delivery of your Porsche, members can enjoy models like the Taycan or Panamera for short-term commitment, such as weekend getaways, date nights, or vacations. For those with their sights set on ownership, it’s also the ultimate test drive prior to committing, with rates starting at $319/day.

At the centre of Porsche Drive, this is not simply changing how we buy cars. It’s expanding the ways in which we interact with manufacturers as consumers. Generating accessibility this way only grows the brand’s reach, welcoming more drivers into the Porsche lifestyle. Porsche Drive reflects an innovative attitude quintessential to the brand, a commitment to performance and unmatched craftsmanship. Alongside its technological integrations and transformations in sustainability, Porsche is offering a glimpse into the future through this program—and a glimpse into the adaptive changes the automotive industry will embrace in years to come. 

Learn more about Porsche Drive and download the app here.