How UOF is preparing students for today’s evolving job market

Université de l’Ontario français is growing with new programs that give students real work experience.

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A university degree should prepare students for post-academic life and future careers. That’s why Université de l’Ontario français (UOF) is launching several exciting new programs designed to provide employment opportunities and broaden career paths for prospective students.

“Studies confirmed what we already knew: that demand for new programs is strong,” says Dr. Paulin Mulatris, the vice-president of Academics and Research at UOF. “Our new programs are built around the needs of our communities—particularly the Francophone community.”

Announced to the public in January 2023, the bachelor’s degree program in Education will begin full-time this September. “The degree is geared toward elementary education, but employers are already asking us to expand and train secondary-level teachers. There is a dire need for more professionals in this particular field,” Mulatris says.

Two other new programs will also be introduced at UOF in the near future. The first, a bachelor’s in administration, will include options in management, human resources, finance and the delivery of French services as an official language.

“Many people provide services in French, but there’s no training for them. We’re filling that void,” he says. “We’re training students to work in government and the community at every level. It’s something that didn’t exist before.”

This program, developed in collaboration with La Cité College in Ottawa, will allow students to transfer from one institution to another.

The second new program in the works could be a bachelor’s in mental health, another first in Canada. “You’ll find degrees in psychology—a vast field—but not mental health. We’re the only ones who could offer this,” says Mulatris.

“The pandemic has demonstrated new challenges we’re facing,” he adds. “There’s a nationwide mental health crisis. A program like this is just what we would need.

The university is strengthening its dedication to tackle mental health concerns by hopefully introducing a forthcoming program, a bachelor’s degree in social work. The program is currently under active development and could be launched in the foreseeable future. “People in the field laud the initiative,” Mulatris says. “They’re very supportive because the needs in this area are enormous.”

An emphasis on experience

The new programs could include internship opportunities to prepare students for the job market, allowing students to graduate with tangible work experience.

“Our diplomas include a strong practical component—they’re more than just a piece of paper,” says Mulatris. “Our students have solid resumés and the skills needed to enter the job market. That’s what recruiters are looking for.”

A vibrant university in the heart of Toronto

Why choose Université de l’Ontario français? “Because we’re dynamic, we’re agile,” says Mulatris. “We do things differently.”

UOF’s gleaming new buildings are located in downtown Toronto, steps away from the bustling waterfront. “It’s a great metropolis, connected to the world,” says Mulatris. “This city offers so many opportunities.”

Now in its third year, the young university brings a fresh approach to education. Created with flexibility in mind, all classes can be taken in person, remotely, or both. The entire curriculum is in French. And despite its location in Canada’s largest city centre, the campus still boasts an intimate feel and a tight-knit sense of community.

UOF believes trans-disciplinarity is key to staying ahead. “No single discipline can meet the challenges of our time. That’s why we call on experts from all fields. That’s our teaching concept,” says Mulatris. “Our students are prepared for the complexity of the world.”

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