2012 Olympics

London (Olympics) Calling

It wasn’t just Usain Bolt who became a household name at the 2012 Olympics.

Newsmakers 2012: Usain Bolt, pure gold

Jamaican runner’s three-peat in London made him a legend. As Jonathon Gatehouse explains, there’s more to do

Giving Notice: revenge will be theirs

Giving notice: revenge will be theirs

The Canada-U.S. match will make converts of thousands of fans

Taking up the torch

Taking up the torch: why Canadians should celebrate London’s successes

Turning a Winter nation into a Summer nation isn’t a short-term project.

All aboard Team GB

From athletes and fans to politicians and young royals, the Games united a nation

Playing dirty

Faster, higher … dirtier: What happened to Olympic sportsmanship?

Olympic spirit undermined by ‘birdie-gate,’ alleged multi-million-dollar payouts and low-level scandals.

The vindication of Mike Spracklen

The vindication of Mike Spracklen

Will Canada’s most successful rowing coach be welcomed back?

The best photos from Day 15 of the Games

Athletes in good times, bad times and everything in between

London Games: 16 tweets of Day 16

Athletes, celebrities and organizers tweet from the closing ceremonies

Usain Bolt: ‘I’m the greatest, no matter what’

Relaxed and remarkable sprinter stole the show in London

The gold that dare not speak its name

Sure, we won a gold medal. OBVIOUSLY.