2016 U.S. election

Hillary Clinton Signs Copies Of “What Happened”

’You’ve got to hand it to Trump,’ and other quotes from Hillary Clinton’s book

A selection of the best barbs, laments, zingers and warnings in ’What Happened’

How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 2016 edition

Our annual Newsmakers tradition is back: Scott Feschuk finds 2016’s notables figures’ exclusive peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipes

How the Democrats’ plan to win without whites went so wrong

The Democrats have been waiting decades to build a coalition without racially conservative whites. They’re still waiting.
Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Electoral reform debate: U.S. edition

Donald Trump lost the popular vote badly, but won the election. Do voters really accept that system?
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U.S. election viewer’s guide: Who, what and when to watch

Watching the U.S. results roll in? Here’s what you need to know

Election Daily: The FBI cleared Clinton, but is the damage done?

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 7: Clinton’s team cancels their Election Day fireworks, while Trump calls out Beyoncé
Trump Holds Campaign Event in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Donald Trump’s last stand

In the crucial state of Pennsylvania, the Trump faithful—many of them women—gather for a final angry, Clinton-taunting rally
Nevada Early Voting

In the U.S., new citizens work to turn out other new citizens

.An infantry of new Latino voters marches against Trump’s presidential dreams

Sorry Americans, you’re just not our type

Thinking of moving to Canada to escape President Trump? Odds are you’re not educated, young or employable enough to get in.

Liberal pleas for Clinton photo op turn up in stolen email

Ahead of Canada 2020 event, Gerald Butts forwarded a note to a friend in Washington with a simple request: ``Help!!!’’