2016 U.S. presidential debate

10 must-see moments in the Trump vs. Clinton debate

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. From undermining the very nature of democracy to puppets and nasty women, this debate was a doozy.

Donald Trump plays chicken with democracy

The presidential nominee is repositioning to an end game that ensures he’ll never be a loser

One Donald Trump supporter’s view of the final debate

Ohio voter and proud ‘redneck’ Arthur Robertson on why the Republican won—and is still the best choice for his family and country

An almost presidential debate

The final Clinton vs Trump face-to-face featured real policy discussion, and then came Trump’s reality-TV treatment of U.S. democracy

What Trump TV would mean to conservative broadcasting

Was the debate the start of Trump TV—and what would that mean for Fox News?

Donald Trump’s lonely moment of truth

He began the debate sticking to a script, then he returned to type, and by the end came the realization: he is not a president

Canada’s immigration debate is more serious than America’s

A key Clinton-Trump exchange in Las Vegas contrasts with Ottawa’s policy debate

U.S. presidential debate 2016: Analysis of the third Clinton-Trump showdown

Macleans.ca’s writers are back for the third presidential debate, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in Las Vegas

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Still stuck with picking between two unpalatable presidential choices after the first two debates? Choose our special Bingo game.

We counted the third U.S. debate’s lies—one Skittle at a time

We tracked the number of lies in the third Clinton-Trump debate with campaign-relevant candy, live. Watch our video replay.

Sin City braces for Donald Trump

For the final debate, America turns to Las Vegas, where the odds of a Clinton win would be 2-1 (if betting on politics was legal there)

Let’s change the way we talk about inner cities

While Donald Trump is far out of his depth on the finer points of America’s racial divides, he is far from the only politician informed by the mythologies of yesteryear