2019 University rankings


Why climate change means Indonesian students are coming to Canada

The country needs actuaries to advise on the financial risks of catastrophic events. But its universities lack programs.

A notorious Canadian party school attempts to sober up

Queen’s University wants to remedy its partying past with a new pilot project that sends students straight to court

Some Canadian universities are offering practical personal finance courses

U of T’s new class has seen enrolment triple in the year since its inception
Maclean’s University Rankings 2019 cover

University Rankings 2019

Here are Maclean’s university rankings for 2019

Canada’s Top School by Student Satisfaction 2019

In this year’s student survey, we introduced a new question about how universities are making Indigenous histories, cultures and languages visible on campus

University Rankings 2019: Canada’s top Primarily Undergraduate schools

Universities in the Primarily Undergraduate category are largely focused on undergraduate education, with relatively fewer graduate programs and graduate students

Canada’s Top School by Reputation 2019

We asked university faculty and senior administrators, high school guidance counsellors and a variety of business people across the country for their views on quality and innovation at Canadian universities

University Rankings 2019: Canada’s top Comprehensive schools

Universities in the Comprehensive category have a significant amount of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, including professional degrees

Canada’s Top School by Student Satisfaction 2019: Bishop’s University

Known for its homecoming festivities and school spirit, the Bishop’s campus is designed for socializing

University Rankings 2019: Canada’s top Medical/Doctoral schools

Universities in the Medical/Doctoral category offer a broad range of graduate-level programs, including PhDs, and are strongly research-focused