2026 Olympics


How Calgary outgrew the Olympic dream

Jason Markusoff: The 2026 Winter Games were seen as a quick fix for Calgary’s economic challenges. With a clear ’no’ vote, residents showed they have more lasting solutions in mind
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Calgary needs some vision, not nostalgia

Jen Gerson: The city’s 2026 Olympic bid is not a grassroots movement. And in this age of cynicism, it’s not what Calgary needs to move forward.

Putting Calgary’s Olympic bid out of its misery

As the project dies—or limps along—what are Calgary’s boosters left with? Some hard questions about how to best lift their city from the doldrums.
Skiing in Calgary, ALberta

Calgary’s bad 2026 bid: $4.6 billion for the discount Olympics

Even with plans for a recycled Olympics, the price tag would still be massive, with no tangible benefits for the city
Twelve-year-old Robin Perry lifts the Olympic torch to light the Olympic flame during the opening ceremonies for the Calgary Winter Olympics

Calgary’s Olympic triathlon: nostalgia, faith, recycled venues

A potential bid by Calgary to host the Olympics in 2026 would have a few things going for it, but saving the city’s economy is not one of them