5G networks

Huawei is starting to suffer as the Trump administration steps up efforts to slam the door on access to Western components and markets in a widening feud with Beijing over technology and

Justin Trudeau must ban Huawei from building Canada’s 5G network

Marcus Kolga: Despite Huawei’s insistence that it will not compromise the privacy and security of Canadians, it would have no choice but to hand over Canadians’ data if the Chinese government asked it to do so
Huawei to continue with 5G networks in UK

Threats to security, health, public infrastructure—and other potential costs of Canada’s 5G rollout

David Zarnett: What are we willing to sacrifice in exchange for faster downloads and self-driving cars?
Huawei Security 20181213

What’s the worst China could do with access to Canada’s 5G network?

Any hostile power with the keys to 5G systems could spy, disrupt traffic and even poison water supplies if things got nasty, warn experts. Hence all the fear about Huawei.