Kate Lunau with R2-D2

The 2013 AAAS Meeting in 55 tweets

Kate Lunau covered five days of the world’s biggest science fest: here are the highlights
The secrets of the universe

Big news on dark matter? Soon, scientists promise. Real soon.

Kate Lunau’s latest from the AAAS Meeting, on the mysterious stuff that makes up 25 per cent of our universe

The mystery of memory

Kate Lunau on the most famous neurological patient in history
neutrino buttons

Catching neutrinos

Why are we here? Kate Lunau on the mysterious particles that could help explain

The downsides of human evolution

Kate Lunau’s latest dispatch from the AAAS meeting
Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 2.32.51 PM

New worlds, brain machines, and the Higgs boson

Kate Lunau is on the ground at the world’s biggest science fest