Aaron Driver

Aaron Driver

What Aaron Driver taught us about terrorism and the RCMP

The Ministry of Public Safety takes the lead from the RCMP

In Ottawa’s race to the middle, Liberals are way ahead

From civil liberties to the environment, NATO and deficit spending, the opposition parties can’t wrestle the middle away from the government
Canada’s new Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale is sworn-in during a ceremony in Ottawa

Is security a priority for Canadians?

Evan Solomon speaks with Ekos Research president Frank Graves about where security issues rank among voter issues
Aaron Driver

What led Aaron Driver to terrorism?

Converts like Aaron Driver are statistically ’over-represented’ for involvement in terrorism. But why?
Mike Cabana, Jennifer Strachan

The scary reality of terrorism in Canada

It took luck and a tip from the FBI to stop Aaron Driver. The peace bond restriction on him was, in the end, just a piece a paper.
RCMP Terror 20160811

The troubling views that motivated Aaron Driver

Professor who knew the terrorist suspect discusses his motivations—and his peace bond