Aaron Sorkin


Jaime Weinman on ‘The Newsroom’

Have a listen to our TV critic chime in on why other critics are coming down hard on Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show, and why HBO fans will watch the show regardless

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Podcast: Jaime Weinman explains why critics are coming down hard on Sorkin’s new show

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Aaron Sorkin, Facebook and the devil

The famous TV writer defends his film portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg

Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin gives Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg a poke (Q&A)

“Socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality”


Addendum on SPORTS NIGHT

To follow up on my earlier post about Sports Night and why I’m not a big fan of the show: after I wrote that post, I re-watched “The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee,” one of the most acclaimed episodes of the show, won a Humanitas award, the whole deal. And it is a well-made episode. But the story beats of the main plot are, to me, the kind of thing that was characteristic of “very special” sitcom episodes, and I’m not talking about good sitcom episodes either. It breaks down as follows: