A Monster in the Classroom

Michael Gregory was the most popular teacher at Calgary’s John Ware school—and a serial abuser who preyed on students for nearly 20 years. How did he fall through the cracks?
Comprehensive Investigation Into Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church Reveals Massive Sex Abuse Scandal And Coverups

It’s not what the Church has done, it’s that we don’t really care anymore

Scott Gilmore: The latest scandal unmasks far more than the institutional rot of the Catholic church—it reveals a profound shift in society and human history

Breaking the silence on abuse

Stories of violence at a Halifax home for black children spur calls for an inquiry

Saying good riddance to bad ex-boyfriends

How to make a clean break when your ex is a jerk who won’t take no for an answer
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Teflon Charlie

He trashes hotel rooms, mistreats women, parties wildly—yet Sheen’s network and fans don’t mind
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They’re drinking what?

Kids seeking a quick high are downing hand sanitizer
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A new turn in our Afghan strategy

The U.S. special representative in Afghanistan would like a Canadian on his team

Violence is rising as job loss spreads

The Calgary Women’s Shelter is reporting a threefold rise in calls