Academic Dishonesty

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I was a plagiarist

The academy comes down too hard on honest mistakes

When professors plagiarize

Star academics get light punishments for lifting ideas
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Prof says he will never pursue cheating again

Did outing cheaters lead to poor evaluations, lower raise?
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Dean Baker resigns but remains a professor

University of Alberta dean accused of plagiarizing speech
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Leader has PhD yanked for plagiarism

German politician missed 120 footnotes
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Opinion: Four reasons Dean Baker should resign

Would you trust your cancer diagnosis to someone who had cheated on an exam?
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Dean accused of plagiarizing convocation speech

Students searching on smart-phones found near-identical speech
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Students are caught unintentionally plagiarizing all the time. Learn how to stay safe
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Cheating hitting "epidemic" proportions, says prof

Up to 80 per cent of high school, 75 per cent of university students admit to cheating