A police officer walks near dead bodies lying on a street facing the beach at the Mexican resort of Acapulco

Why life in Acapulco is far from sunny-side up

David Agren explains how Acapulco’s dysfunctions have become a metaphor for Mexico’s struggles
Destination debt

’Acapulco is bankrupt’

The tourist hot spot is full of beaches, warm weather—and debt
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Carlos Slim to Acapulco’s rescue

The world’s richest man is funding the dilapidated city’s revitalization
mexican skulls

Texas to spring breakers: avoid Mexico

Even resort towns may be unsafe
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Acapulco: where inmates run the prison

A pre-dawn visit to the city’s penitentiary uncovers 19 prostitutes, two peacocks, and 100 plasma TVs
Shootout in a vacation paradise

Shootout in a vacation paradise

The latest wave of violence in the resort town of Acapulco left three people dead