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I’m a Canadian actor on the SAG-AFTRA picket line. Here’s why I’m striking.

"The other side thinks they have the upper hand, but what they’re not taking into consideration is the tenacity of human nature, of the human soul"
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Meet the Vancouver acting school churning out on-screen success stories

“We are proudly Canadian and that comes through our approach, where everyone is welcome,” says acting coach Julian LeBlanc
Lindsay Somers, left, works with actors while Casey Hudecki, second from right, and actor, director and producer Liz Whitmere look on in the background. (Alice Hopton/CBC)

Sex scenes go granular in the age of #MeToo

Intimacy coordinators are helping choreograph intimate scenes on film and TV sets like they’re on-camera fight sequences, ensuring everyone feels safe
A white man as Tonto—is that kosher?

A white man as Tonto—is that kosher?

Johnny Depp gives a Hollywood Indian icon a rethink, and may just get away with it
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Going up against Hitler, with a stutter

Oscar favourite Colin Firth excels as a stammering royal who has to inspire a nation
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Jennifer Pozner in conversation

On the fakeness of reality shows, how ’the dumb bimbo’ is cast, and why actresses are shrinking
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Sir Ben: Acting 101

Actor Ben Kingsley talks to Brian D. Johnson about the art of acting