The robocall rules

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote acknowledges his campaign sent out a robocall during the last election that didn’t identify the Liberal party as the source. Reports differ as to whether or not that constitutes a violation of the Elections Act (Mr. Valeriote claims Elections Canada told him it wasn’t). Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher have a timeline of events in Guelph.


Do unto others

Apparently invoking the sponsorship scandal as a comparison, the Liberals are pressing the Conservatives to allow a committee investigation into the G8 Legacy Fund to proceed. Despite holding a majority of seats at the time, Liberal members did allow the public accounts committee to investigate Adscam in 2004: 47 meetings were held over a period of four months and 44 witnesses testified. Alas, the Liberal members brought a halt to the proceedings in May of that year, shortly before an election was called. This greatly disappointed a young idealist by the name of Jason Kenney.

If only we could do away with Parliament entirely

The government is once more displeased with this democracy it must function within

The Commons: Let he who is without shame

The point seems to be that whatever’s going on with Rahim Jaffer, it’s not as bad as what the Liberals did

The Commons: Eighteen attempts to explain the same story

MacKay questions the credibility of Afghan torture whistleblower, Richard Colvin