(Photograph by Allison Seto)

The hardest climb

A group of outdoor adventurers are revolutionizing how their sports treat the survivors of tragic accidents

Nicolas and Guillaume. in between Eureka and Resolute Bay at the beginning of May. (Courtesy of the AKOR expedition)

These adventurers are on a 7,600-km journey from the top to the bottom of Canada

A team from Quebec has set out on a gruelling and unprecedented seven-month expedition by ski, canoe and bike

Keddy checks a map at a spot south of Mount Terrible (Layton Keddy)

Into the bush

Layton Keddy got on his bicycle and disappeared into the Australian wilderness, assuming he wouldn’t be missed. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

HMCS Cormorant, a retired navy ship, has been listing in Bridgewater, N.S., for over a decade (Andrew Vaughan/CP)

The life and death of HMCS Cormorant—the legendary ship you’ve never heard of

The converted fishing trawler had some wild jobs: seizing drugs abandoned on the ocean floor and salvaging shipwrecks. As it heads to the scrap yard, trailblazing sailors recall its storied past.

John Beeden’s long and winding row across the Pacific

John Beeden, the 59-year-old Canadian who rowed from San Francisco to Australia in 209 days, discusses his solo expedition

High-flying CEOs

High-flying CEOs

In search of an aggressive, risk-taking corporate leader like Richard Branson? Head to the local airstrip.

Race to win, or die trying

Race to win, or die trying

The Spartan Death Race, one of the toughest physical tests on Earth, attracts “lunatics”


Christmas, through a comedian’s dark lens

Plus: Walter Mosley’s latest, a biography of the Atlantic Ocean, the father of modern taxidermy, what Boomers can expect from the rest of life, and the late night TV wars


A real-life Captain Bligh

Eighty-four days spent adrift with a shadowy skipper: the story of a long, very strange trip


Take A Hike On A Bike

Going Green without Spending Green


Realer than you

Andrew Potter: How did authenticity become the hot new status symbol?