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Handwritten notes, in! Blackberries, out! – Not-even-remotely-liveblogging the Federal Court (Part 1)

[NOTE TO READER: I tried to stay as close to my original notes in this transcription, although I have included the odd explanatory note – mostly when I couldn’t read my handwriting, or it turned out to be missing nouns, verbs or, in some instances, any semblance of narrative coherence. Unless in quotes, assume all statements are paraphrased, although I tried to be as accurate as possible, and finally the timestamps are wildly approximate. Y’all, I am lost without my BlackBerry shortcuts – how I’ve missed you, LT.]


As I was saying before we were abruptly interrupted …

(Note: I copypasted this from the liveblog post – which turned out to be suspended-animationblogging – just in case everyone gave up on hitting refresh.)


In and out of Federal Court: Watch this space for possible liveblogging action

9:06:17 AM
Well, I’m here – the only one here, in fact, which is probably because I left myself plenty of time to get lost or show up at the wrong building entirely. I’m sitting in the very back of an utterly unremarkable courtroom — it’s even smaller than I expected, with just four tables and a single row of chairs at the back, and a minimalist desk at the front where the prothonotary — Mireille Tabib — will presumably be seated when the hearing gets underway in — just over fifteen minutes. So far, nobody has blinked twice at my Blackberry, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I’ll be able to blog throughout.