I’m a third-generation farmer. This industry needs more skilled labour to survive.

“As my dad’s generation moves into retirement, we face a growing threat: reduced access to skilled labour”

Why we need to embrace the future of farm-tech

The next agricultural revolution will be digitized. Canada needs to help its farmers buy in.
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How agtech innovation is helping Canada feed a hungry world

With support from TELUS Agriculture and 5G, today’s food producers are embracing technology to increase yields, and advance environmental and economic sustainability. 
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Canada’s farmers aren’t a monolith—and for many of us, the USMCA is a good thing

Opinion: Dairy farmers are fuming over Canada’s concessions in the ‘new NAFTA.’ But the reality is that most Canadian farmers need strong, global trade

What Canadians don’t understand about farming—and what they need to

Opinion: A city resident-turned-farmer has seen firsthand how the understanding gap between farmers and consumers is growing, over issues like Roundup and more

The roots of organic farming lie in fascism

The history of the environmental movement in Britain emerges from several strands. Its roots in the extreme right wing are usually ignored.
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Is Canada addicted to Canola?

As Canada and China negotiate a new deal on canola imports, farmers on the Canadian prairie play wait and see

In praise of the Yukon Gold potato

One man is on a mission to make sure the world knows the the Hollywood status of this Canadian potato.

In defence of genetically modified food

More scientists are coming around to GMO safety. Why are environmentalists, who preach the science of climate change, not listening?

The Editorial: Protecting Canada’s farmland, the right way

Canada’s agricultural land is being subsumed by development around our biggest cities. But protecting that land comes with its own problems.