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Ai Weiwei, an artist in exile, turns to the refugee crisis

The dissident Chinese exile Ai Weiwei proves perfectly suited to the task of revealing the depths of the refugee crisis with his film, ’Human Flow’
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei poses for photographers during a photocall for his exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Britain

Ai Weiwei vs. Lego: Free expression trumps commerce

The Chinese dissident’s beef with the iconic toymaker sparked a wave of Lego rage around the globe
Wang Renzheng

Why China’s artists are making waves, and getting away with it

They serve as a kind of Greek chorus, using humour, outrage and mockery to express ideas that in China would otherwise never have a voice

Ai Weiwei: the man who isn’t there

The absence of China’s most famous international artist is palpable at his Canadian show, a reminder of a precarious life
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The documentaries of tortured artists

A slew of new films at Hot Docs focus on pushing the boundaries of the creative process

What’s hot at Hot Docs

Top picks from North America’s largest documentary festival
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Cash donations pour in for Chinese dissident

Contributions to help Ai Weiwei pay punitive tax bill
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Newsmakers: August 11-18, 2011

Frances Bean Cobain comes of age, Ai Weiwei opens up, and Vladimir Putin’s latest macho stunt backfires
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Chinese dissident artist offered university post

Must first fight $2-million tax evasion charges
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Famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei released from prison

Spent 81 days in prison for “economic crimes”