How a typo created a scapegoat for the AIDS epidemic

A 1984 study planted the seed that would lead the media to falsely demonize Gaëtan Dugas as Patient Zero of an epidemic that would kill more than 700,000 people in North America

To win the fight against AIDS, we must end the war on drugs

Opinion: Injection drugs remain a key driver of the global HIV epidemic—and to solve it, we have to reform drug criminalization

Does PrEP, an HIV-preventing drug, make sense for gay men?

PrEP is being sold as a way to give gay men peace of mind—but it may not be as risk-free or socially responsible as it seems

For the record: World AIDS Day

‘An opportunity for us to unite with the global community to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS’

The science is in. And Insite works.

Top researchers gather to learn how Vancouver’s safe injection site has made B.C. a medical world-beater—and a political pariah

Bill C-398 defeated

A sufficient number of Conservatives voted against Bill C-398 tonight to defeat the private members’ bill that was intended to make it easier to send generic medicine to developing countries.


A life in politics

The CBC has uploaded video of Jack Layton on the National in 1985.

Can mass HIV testing really end AIDS?

Science-ish examine’s B.C.’s proposal

Should we make surgeons get tested for HIV, hep B and hep C?

Science-ish looks at the evidence on infected doctors


For Roger

NDP MP Glenn Thibeault reflects on his brother, Roger, who died 20 years ago of AIDS.

How aids really got started

How AIDS really got started

A Canadian doctor claims the ‘dead-end’ virus was hiding in plain sight for decades

Who’s afraid of a gay man’s blood? We are.

Britain is the latest country to lift its lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men