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Canada is being bullied by China. Here’s how it can shut it down.

Amir Attaran: There is one legal move that would prompt immediate action—shutting down Canadian airspace to Chinese cargo services

Our increasing obsession with flying, and hating every second of it

Peter Shawn Taylor: If flying is such a complaint-ridden, exhausting nightmare, why is the rate of air travel heading relentlessly skywards?

Why overbooked flights aren’t going away any time soon

New passenger-protection legislation fails to tackle the practice that annoys many travellers the most

cheap flights are finally taking off in Canada

Cheap flights are finally coming to Canada in 2018

New airlines regularly fail in Canada. But a tweak to the rules might create new options for travellers.

Why are flights in Canada so expensive?

Air travel in Canada costs a small fortune, but new budget airlines are hoping to give you a break.

When airline passengers fight back

The public is fed up with the barbarity of modern air travel, resorting to complaints, legal actions and all-out brawls. Have we seen the end of friendly skies?

A simple solution for the problem of overbooked flights

It all starts with understanding that the problem isn’t overbooking, but the randomness of being booted off a flight based on an algorithm

Maclean’s on the Hill: U.S. election, Ottawa’s fiscal troubles

A Canadian politician observes the U.S. election. What Bill Morneau’s fiscal update didn’t say. Get your fix of Canadian politics.

Discount airlines are coming. Sound familiar?

A new crop of cheap carriers is coming to shake up Air Canada and WestJet’s duopoly—but it’s unclear if that’ll work this time around

Modern travel: Keep calm and carry it on

From 2014: Little carry-on bags cause huge headaches

Sunquest goes to U.S. to better serve Canadians

This vacation company knows we’re already driving to U.S. airports to save money

What happened to defending air travellers?

What wasn’t in the Throne Speech