Plane makes an emergency landing ... onto a Calgary street

“You look up and you go ... ’oh that’s going to crash’ and then, sure enough, smack,” one witness said.

Bombardier’s flight risk

CEO Pierre Beaudoin on the benefits of taking big chances, and why Canada suffers from a crisis of confidence
China Canada Nexen

The crowded airspace over the oilsands

Welcome aboard Air Congestion

Robert Murray Heath

He’d spent his life flying around the world—he even married his wife on a flight
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Air travel myths dispelled

Jesse Brown: Body scanners don’t work and phones are safe for takeoff
777 Factory Photos

The fuel-efficiant jet boom

As carriers park old fuel-guzzling jets, plane makers are battling to win sales and crush newcomers

’Flight’ is fit to fly

Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington turn an action movie into a drama about addiction
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A new meaning to ‘cabin fever’

Exposure to tainted cabin air may have real long-term effects
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The mystery of Air France flight 447

Experts try to piece the tragedy together, without the help of a black box, cockpit recorder or confirmation of the wreckage
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US fighter jets chase Ontario college flight school student

Airplane from Thunder Bay, Ont. was chased across three states before landing on a rural Missouri highway