Al Gore

Al Gore on the climate-change fight’s new challenges

Eleven years after ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ Al Gore speaks about his new film, and what’s changed since—including the presidency of Donald Trump

Joe Oliver vs. The world

The Natural Resources Minister takes on James Hansen, Al Gore, Europe and environmental scientists


Flirting with a carbon tax

The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and Nature review the current American discussion of a carbon tax.


Do the math

Nate Silver measures the impact of campaign advertising.

Inconvenient truth?

Inconvenient truth?

Al Gore drops a hint about Apple’s anticipated new iPhone launch



Burton Cummings finishes high school, Lady Gaga tries to liven her show with a few corpses, and a big week for—poets?


On the Gores’ breakup, the Clintons’ survival, and the marital toll of a lost election

Plus, the Clintons’ survival, and the marital toll of a lost election


“A mutually supportive decision”

Anne Kingston’s context-setting piece about Al and Tipper Gore’s separation is legitimately amazing; I couldn’t, on my best day, come up with anything so well-informed and strongly written so quickly. But I find myself wondering if the Gore split is really best understood as an example of a general cultural phenomenon. Isn’t this commentary about peaceable, respectable, mutually satisfying late-life divorces going to look a little silly ten weeks from now when Al turns up at an awards show with a lingerie model and every middle-aged woman in the universe turns against him?

Al and Tipper Gore’s grey divorce

How the sixty-somethings are just acting their age


The secret to electoral success: Jetpacks!

Scott Feschuk gives the obvious answer to all problems


Why American Idol needs Haeley Vaughn

Katie Stevens seems like an unrivalled front-runner, but she’s not particularly “relevant”