Alberta election 2015

The death of the Alberta PC dynasty

It didn’t happen overnight. Inside the unravelling of the longest-serving provincial regime in the history of Confederation

Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley

Mythologizing the Alberta NDP leader is inevitable, but this election was all about sending a message to the Conservatives

‘My name is Rachel Notley’

How this down-to-earth politician capitalized on an extraordinary moment in Alberta’s history

Maclean’s Live: Watch with Wells as the results roll in

If Jim Prentice wins this evening, he’ll look like a genius. If not? History. The fun starts at 7pm MT/9pm ET

Should we trust the Alberta PCs on energy policy?

What the Prentice Plan would mean for Alberta’s energy resources, for refining in Alberta, for greenhouse gas policy, and for savings

What would energy look like under a Wildrose government?

Where Wildrose leader Brian Jean stands on the pace of oil sands development, carbon pricing, and what Alberta should do with its oil wealth

Stephen Harper’s political children? They’re all grown up.

The prime minister’s political tree is bearing fruit: The post-Harper generation of Conservative leaders is already here.

Four questions for the Alberta NDP about its approach to energy

University of Alberta professor Andrew Leach in conversation with the Alberta NDP about its energy policies

What might the Alberta NDP government do with energy policy?

On many energy issues, it’s hard to find a lot of daylight between Alberta NDP policies and those of the other two front-running parties

The hard math of Alberta’s election

Colby Cosh on what we know—or think we know—about the province’s political horse race

Paul Wells and Colby Cosh took your questions on Alberta’s election

Here are Wells and Cosh answering readers’ questions about Alberta’s election on May 5, where so much is in the air

Paul Wells in Alberta: Could Jim Prentice actually lose?

It was supposed to be a coronation in Alberta. Paul Wells on how Jim Prentice got here, and whether he can prove the polls wrong