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Alberta election 20150505

It’s decision time in Alberta

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Newsletter for April 16: Doubting polls, the remote-ballot X-factor, and more
Jason Kenney, David Khan, Rachel Notley, Stephen Mandel

Alberta election 2019: Live results and riding-by-riding vote counts

Live, detailed results for Alberta’s 2019 provincial election

Why defeat shouldn’t trigger Rachel Notley’s political exit

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Political Insider: The best check on a potential UCP government, Scheer versus snowflakes, and more
Jason Kenney

A voter-fraud scandal in Kenney’s party, but Alberta voters may be unmoved

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for April 11: Fake email accounts, Notley’s regrets about Northern Gateway, and more
Jason Kenney

Why women and men see Alberta’s election differently

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for April 10: One thing the polls tell us, rebuilding the ’firewall,’ and more

Rachel Notley fought like hell for Alberta, but the province isn’t about to thank her.

The NDP premier embraced the oil industry. There’s no sign yet that it’s enough to deliver her another victory this spring
Bill Morneau

Trans Mountain: Will someone please build this government a pipeline?

Bill Morneau is promising indemnification from John Horgan-related costs to any party who will take on the Trans Mountain project

The Kinder Morgan spat is an intractable slog—but it’s also democracy in action

Opinion: The Kinder Morgan pipeline battle doesn’t represent a failure of democracy, federalism, or the rule of law—it’s the system doing what it’s meant to do
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh talks to Paul Wells at the Maclean's Live event at Ottawa's National Arts Centre on February 8, 2018

Jagmeet Singh tries not to pick sides on the Alberta and B.C. pipeline fight

With B.C. and Alberta feuding over the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, the new federal NDP leader faces a party unity challenge
Rachel Notley

Why Rachel Notley will need an even bigger miracle to win again

The longer the Alberta NDP are in power, the harder it will be to repeat the shocking victory that won them the province