Alexandre Bilodeau

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We were best when it counted

The Vancouver Games started as a ‘crazy’ dream and ended up a wondrous spectacle that transfixed and, just maybe, transformed a nation
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Canada Reborn

Own the Podium was more than just good sport. It was a picture of our country as it was always supposed to be.
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The Best—and Worst

SCOTT FESCHUK: Judging various elements of the Vancouver Olympics using a numerical ranking from zero to 10
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The Bilodeaus: an inspiration

With the support of his big brother, Alexandre Bilodeau makes Olympic history
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Alexandre Bilodeau’s coming out party

The nation’s newest heartthrob gives captivating speech, is toasted in style

Vancouver 2010: Maclean’s predicts the winners

A look at 50 Canadian Olympians with podium potential