Algo Centre Mall

Elliot Lake: Still shopping for a new mall

Michael Friscolanti investigates the twists, turns, and dealings that have left Elliot Lake without a much-needed new plaza in sight

How Sandro Lisi influenced the Elliot Lake mall inquiry

Recent case law pertaining to Mayor Rob Ford’s notorious driver forms key part of ruling against former engineer

New evidence emerges in the Elliot Lake mall collapse

The $20-million, two-year inquiry into the deadly mall disaster may now hinge on an anonymous tipster


Owner of doomed mall loses bid to keep hundreds of documents secret

TORONTO – The vast majority of documents the owner of the doomed Algo Centre Mall tried to keep secret are not privileged and should be turned over to the public inquiry probing last year’s tragedy, a senior judge has found.

Warning signs

Warning signs at the Elliot Lake inquiry

The timing of charges against engineer Robert Wood are just as troubling as the allegations

Elliot Lake: The first rescuers inside the mall share their harrowing account

Plus, what the tragedy in Elliot Lake says about our country’s readiness to deal with catastrophes