Allan Fotheringham


The best of Allan Fotheringham

A collection of some of the late journalist’s sharpest insights from the pages of Maclean’s

The life and bravado of Allan Fotheringham

Robert Lewis: From humble beginnings, Fotheringham’s satire and wit burst on the national scene like fireworks on Canada Day. He redefined political writing in Canada.
Aislin’s favourite caricature of Allan Fotheringham drawn in 1979, portraying the raconteur as an irascible scamp with a cap gun and pea shooter (Aislin)

Unlocking the mystery of Dr. Foth

Paul Wells: What would English Canada’s most-read columnist have said about the Prime Minister’s current predicament? Everything, and nothing.
Fotheringham at home in 2011. (COLIN MCCONNELL STAR) . (Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Allan Fotheringham was loved, revered and loathed but never ignored

The Maclean’s icon who shook Canadian politics and media with a blast of post-’60s insouciance has died. He defined acerbic wit, but couldn’t hide how deeply he cared about his country.

Remembering cartoonist Roy Peterson

Allan Fotheringham on a gentleman in a profession that had few
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Should the monarchy still matter to Canadians?

Two old warhorses, John Fraser and Allan Fotheringham, duke it out (yet again)
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Newsmakers: May. 3-10, 2012

Ben Mulroney has a big audition, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s in trouble, again, and Justin Bieber gets in the ring

Harper among the immortals

Paul Wells on Stephen Harper’s longevity
A modern-day marco polo

A modern-day Marco Polo

A daring explorer and teacher, Brady was the bravest man I ever met