Prakke, with the katsura tree outside his home, is passionate about allergy-free gardening (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

’Botanical sexism’ could be why your allergies keep getting worse

Meet the 84-year-old Hamilton, Ont., man on a crusade to make schoolyards and parks a little less sexist— and a lot more allergy-friendly

The healing powers of—salt?

Believers claim salt therapy fixes asthma, allergies and more
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One in 12 US kids might have a food allergy, survey shows

More than one-third of them have severe allergies
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Mitchel Raphael on moustaches—and MPs worth a Halloween visit

Scott Brison’s lonely night, The Chia Pet MP, But were they really clapping for Rob Ford?
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The brewing fight for pet-free flights

Allergic to Fluffy? You can re-book—at your expense.