Could an eye exam diagnose Parkinson’s?

An Ontario group is working on a wide-ranging study to see if eyes can really provide ’windows to the brain’
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A cold day: The ice bucket challenge, one year later

The ALS Society is marking the one-year anniversary of its best campaign ever with hopes of recapturing the goodwill

What happened to the money from the ice bucket challenge?

The viral craze raised a cool $17 million for ALS Canada. How to spend that money has posed its own challenges.
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’A woman on the move’: Remembering an ALS advocate

Melanie York, a fierce advocate we profiled in March 2014, has passed away. A friend remembers her remarkable legacy.
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Maclean’s readers weigh in on the ice bucket challenge

Earlier this week, Scott Gilmore urged people to think before they donate. The opinion piece inspired much debate and feedback
Ice Bucket Challenge

Why the Ice Bucket Challenge is bad for you

The ALS campaign may be a great way to raise money – but it is a horrible reason to donate it

Understanding ALS

ALS seems to be striking people who are younger and younger and doctors don’t know why