Breaking Bad

Why Breaking Bad’s finale will disappoint—and we’re all to blame

There can be no satisfactory conclusion for Walter White

Good riddance to Breaking Bad

Colby Cosh on why Walter White will not be missed
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Better theatre seats create ’the best makeout multiplex in Manhattan’

AMC theatre chairs just got a whole lot more comfortable
How to suck the life out of cable TV

How to suck the life out of cable TV

’The Walking Dead’ is no ’Mad Men’, and AMC has zombies marooned on a farm to prove it

More Mad Men musings

What we know is that AMC wants to cut the budget and put in more commercials
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Netflix vs. the networks

Now that Netflix has driven video rental companies out of business, it’s going after the television networks
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Fangs down, ‘True Blood’ is the trashiest show on TV

Remember when HBO prided itself on doing high-class programming? That’s changed.