Andray Domise


Same old attitudes, same old stories

Andray Domise: The federal leaders debate had other options—to include the voices of the underrepresented and to ostracize the movements that spread hate. What we got isn’t good enough.

To my partner, on your first Mother’s Day

Andray Domise: ’You are exactly the mother I thought you would be. Black and beautiful. Fearsomely and wonderfully made. Just as our daughters are.’

Why Canada should let Haitian asylum seekers stay

It’s not just compassion that should drive government policy towards Haitian migrants. Western countries, Canada included, owe the country a massive debt, says Andray Domise.
Andray Domise is running for city council

Trial date set for Toronto writer Andray Domise in assault case

Trial for three counts of assault and one count of mischief is set to begin in January, though case could be ’resolved’ earlier, lawyer hints
Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Why Colin Kaepernick sat down

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick believes his country attaches a low cost to Black lives. He’s right, says Andray Domise.
Sask Rural Shooting

What the tragedy of Colten Boushie says about racism in Canada

Andray Domise on how the young Indigenous man’s death is yet another reminder of lessons still not learned by many Canadians
Rio Olympics Swimming

Why Simone Manuel’s gold-medal swim in Rio was so historic

Manuel overcame a fraught history between Black people and water, which ripples across nations

How gaming companies co-opt the language of oppression

Eidos Montreal’s “Augs Lives Matters” reference reveals the latest example of gaming companies’ casual ignorance of real-world race issues
A man casts a shadow near a message written in chalk during a vigil for Abdirahman Abdi in Ottawa

Why we can’t trust SIU to probe death of Abdirahman Abdi

We must wait quietly and respectfully for the SIU to produce all the facts into the death of Abdirahman Abdi, right? This is a tall order

Why the ’Rogue Tenor’ indicted more than himself

When Remigio Pereira chose ’all lives matter’ as his chosen expression, it was either an aggressively racist declaration or a passively racist one. Take your pick.