Angela Merkel

23 September 2021, Marlow: Angela Merkel (CDU), German Chancellor, feeds Australian lorises at Marlow Bird Park and gets bitten. (Georg Wendt/Getty Images)

Auf Wiedersehen, Angela Merkel. Goodbye.

Image of the Week: Germany’s unflappable, long-serving chancellor departs the political stage with a rare show of vulnerability

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Donald Trump’s farewell tour

The world has taken measure of the president and found a person not to be taken seriously. It’s the end of the American century.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former U.S. President Barack Obama attend a discussion in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Obama vs Trump: A tale of two presidents in Europe

In the same week, Obama was embraced like a saint while Trump was a diplomatic disaster. It’s the best and worst of times.

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Refugees and migrants walk after disembarking from the passenger ferry Blue Star 1 at the port of Piraeus, near Athens

Charity towards refugees sinks in the tide of humanity

Paul Wells on why Europe’s relocation program isn’t working

Germany’s real problem with refugees

While it may be ridiculous to criticize race, it is reasonable to criticize culture, writes Scott Gilmore

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APTOPIX Germany  Merkel’s Party

Angela Merkel: The real leader of the free world

How the reluctant German chancellor became the one person capable of stopping Putin and saving Europe. Michael Petrou reports from Berlin