The Panda twins gear up for their first birthday on October 13th. The Toronto Zoo has celebrations for Giant Pandas all week that include photo booths, colouring stations and viewings of the twins.

The pandas are going to the Calgary Zoo. How safe will they be?

High-profile animal deaths plague the Calgary Zoo. But staff insist its new visitors in 2018 will be perfectly safe.

B.C. wildfires: The race to save farm animals from the flames

People are risking life and limb to safeguard livestock, which are an economic engine in central B.C.
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Barbara Amiel on the ethics and emotions of testing drugs on animals

I am a dog owner of insane commitment, but even I can’t turn a blind eye to the advances of research
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Marineland not yet in the clear, CAZA says

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. - The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums says it is still in the process of investigating allegations concerning Marineland Canada.
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Easy does it, cowboy

At the Calgary Stampede, the two-step between contemporary animal-welfare sensitivities and rodeo tradition continues.