Maxime Bernier; Andrew Scheer; Erin OÕToole; Kellie Leitch; Michael Chong; Pierre Lemieux; Lisa Raitt; Steven Blaney; Deepak Obh

Anime and Conservative worlds collide, just slightly

At least one guy was at the Tory leadership event and the anime festival next door

Anime North: where fantasy gets real

Toronto’s annual celebration of anime and manga brought out thousands of devotees, including many in costume
Anime North 2011

Photo gallery: Anime North 2011

Costumed devotees swarm Toronto’s fan-run convention
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FanExpo: freaks, nerds and corporate takeover

Are bigger comic cons better? Veterans Stan Lee and Lloyd Kaufman tackle the issue.
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The 16 nerdiest sights of FanExpo

From closed-casket coffin rides to cross-dressing superhero buffs, the 2010 FanExpo is a mosaic of weird