Ann Coulter

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UOttawa president finally talks Coulter

Says, “Freedom of expression applies. Even when it’s painful”

Pro-life students accused of trespassing

UCalgary club issued notice after refusing to turn anti-abortion signs inward
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True North strong not free

MARK STEYN: Strange that the more Canada congratulates itself on its ‘tolerance’ the less it’s prepared to tolerate

Mailbag: The NDP, making out with Ann Coulter and how I was killed by Jim Flaherty

A terrestrial, day-active animal with sketchy taste in footwear, the conservative hibernates in snowy climes
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Searching for the Liberal Party. Day 3.

AARON WHERRY reports from Canada 150: today the party tackles the world
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Coulter, live and loud in Calgary

COLBY COSH on Ann Coulter’s one-liners, a couple of guys dressed as Klansmen and the rioters
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Did Coulter silence herself?

Organizers, not police cancelled Ann Coulter’s UOttawa speech
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Ann Coulter: Canadian free speech hero

Canadian media to UOttawa--you suck
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Ann Coulter and student reactionaries

She’s relevant because we are making her relevant