Anne Kingston

Anne Kingston remembered: ‘Passive was not a word she understood’

Colleagues of the award-winning journalist and author remember her immense talent, determination and generosity of spirit

The powerful journalism of Anne Kingston

Her writing won awards, shaped opinion and changed the country. Here’s a sample from her 15-year career at Maclean’s.

Anne Kingston: Her beat was life

‘Everything connects,’ her Twitter bio begins, and in Anne’s work, it did. She was the model for what a writer could be.

Anne Kingston: A Quiet Fighter

With an enviable knack for bursting forth in fierce argument and outstanding journalism, Kingston had a brilliant 40-year career as an award-winning reporter, columnist, and author. She died on Wednesday at age 62.

Maclean’s writer Anne Kingston shortlisted for the 2019 Landsberg Award

Kingston is being recognized for her extensive coverage of women’s equality issues


More journalists on journalists

Colleague Anne Kingston’s article on the big changes at the Globe and Mail is here. It has fun gossip. Anne’s piece doesn’t mention, but we have talked about this and it’s such a striking change I’m surprised nobody else has remarked on it, that within days after the new guy Stackhouse took over, the paper’s daily Ottawa file took a marked turn toward serious and often un-sexy questions of policy and governance, and away from the paper’s seven-year fixation on High School Confidential crap. All of which is to say that, while I had no expectations regarding Stackhouse one way or the other, I think that in the early going he has made very encouraging moves.