Anne McLellan

Anne McLellan attends a news conference in Ottawa on Dec. 13, 2016 (Adrian Wyld/CP)

And now, the alternative-reality government

Paul Wells: Two formidable former politicians, Anne McLellan and Lisa Raitt, are hosting an economic summit that says a lot about the state of Canadian politics today

The McLellan report would have ended the SNC affair before it began

Paul Wells: Under the proposed ‘McLellan protocol’ the incessant piling-on the attorney general by staffers would not have been possible

Anne McLellan’s appointment: one more bumbling bid to bury the SNC-Lavalin affair

Anne Kingston: Enlisting the longtime Liberal party loyalist as a ‘change-maker’ offers yet another example of a government losing its optics mojo

Security trumps trade at the border

Security trumps trade at the U.S. border

Deeper economic integration has been stalled by a risk-averse U.S. government


The eternal question

A few interesting reads from the weekend: Susan Delacourt looks at new research into the electability of women in Canada, Alice Funke adds her own analysis, and Linda Silver Dranoff reviews Canada’s Unfinished Democracy. From the latter.


The Commons: The Apology

A day of many words. And perhaps some promise.