Best budgeting apps for university students

Four apps to help save money—and one to help spend it
Couple in bed on phone. (iStock)

Swipe for yes: Apps that document sexual consent

The makers of apps that document permission-to-proceed hope to sharpen blurry lines—and tackle sex assault. But others have concerns.

Birth control? There’s an app for that. Seriously.

Technology has made tracking fertility a far more exact science
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Traditional Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis gains favour

Westerners seek out alternative therapy
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Attention, channel surfers: New app is like Twitter for your TV

New app called Boxfish takes the closed captions from 3,000 television stations to offer instant updates about what’s on TV.
How to get 19 million readers

Could Wattpad be the ’killer app’ for aspiring writers?

On Wattpad, anyone can write and get feedback—just ask Margaret Atwood
Digital hitchhiking

SideCar, an app for hitchhiking

Maybe there’s such a thing as a free ride, in the hi-tech age—thanks to a new app.
App Store

Malware and bugs creep into App store

Hey Apple, who’s minding the Store?
Baby Doze rotator

BabyDoze: This app’s a sleeper

This smartphone app plays the sounds from a real woman’s womb
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Stalking women? There’s an app for that.

Girls Around Me lets users track neighborhood girls and read their Facebook profiles